Club Penguin GiveAway… Today!

The Club Penguin Series 12 Treasure Book has recently been released by Club Penguin! Luckily I have been able to get my flippers on some Series12 and Membership Cards so we can have a huge Club Penguin Giveaway!We haven’t had a huge giveaway in a while.

Club Penguin Toy Codes

Series 12 Code: Used (Unknown Winner)

Series 12 Code: Used (Tronktenssj4)

Card Jitsu Code: Used (Paintboy100cp)

Club Penguin Membership Card:

1 Month Membership Card: _____________


  • Follow me (@Ruben007CP)  on twitter for hints
  • Refresh as much as you can. More refreshing more chances to win.
  • To Copy and paste fast hit Rcontrol+c on your keyboard and to paste hit RControl+v
  • Spread the word, If the contest is a success we might release another coin code or another membership card!
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2 comentarios en “Club Penguin GiveAway… Today!”

  1. Fabie Says:

    A que hora será que darás el toy code mas o menos??

  2. pingupingey Says:

    Hi I hope YOU can make my party today!


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